Monday, December 26, 2011



diberi situasi di mana kita perlu memilih,
memilih di antara keperluan dan kepentingan, agama dan nafsu,
jadi, apabila datang situasi sedemikian, mana yang perlu di pilih,
(rasa cam nak stop kat sini je, bia cite xabis, hihuhaheo)

sebagai contoh, a fren of mine invited myself to the makan2 at his house, jsut who can resist the makan2 aite? but, a conflict pop when the myself is fasting, it shudnt be a conflict if the myself having a faith as thick of his daddy's belly.
so, the myself have to choose to fasting or fasting till the azan zuhr berkumandang, and this the part of ILMU play it role, to differ the keperluan and kepentingan. the fasting is good, plus when it comes to fasting on 10muharam, but the important is fulfill the makan2 invitation, its wajib while the fasting is sunat. but, if a grown-healthy man dont fasting on ramadhan, never hesitate to give him another sunat till nothing left to be sunated, ehahahahak.

so, i choose to makan2, and i never regret it till........
in other words, ILMU tell us what should be prioritize in accordance to syarak, yeah, u heard rite, syarak fellas. it tell us to lowering our voice during recite the koran when seeing somebody pray, tell us to respect anything regard of ILMU, include the teacher, the one who wanted the ILMU, eh, did i tell u anything regard of it, huh.
tapi just now i read an article, relating to this lah, our ILMU one, it did say bout the importance of ILMU, n lemme quote what the article say

owh snapppp,
dun want to conclude anything regard of what has been quote, its not i dun wanna conclude, tp i just dun wanna set myself in hell cz my judging-without-ilmu.
till then, wasalam


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good language there

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